Portable Sequencer for Roland SH-01 Gaia

Yamaha QY-10 Portable Sequencer
Yamaha QY-10 Portable Sequencer

Today I picked up an old Yamaha QY-10 sequencer from the local used music shop for $10. The case is an actual VHS case which I thought was pretty cool. I bought the Yamaha QY-10 because it was very small, takes batteries, and was a nice cheap solution use along with the Roland Sh-01 Gaia. I also know Yamaha Sequencers rather well owning an RM1x and RS7000. Actually you can use it with any synth of course, but because the Roland SH-01 is portable, it works best for me with the SH-01. There are probably better solutions, but I thought the Yamaha QY-10 would be fun to try. It’s a pretty old sequencer, but it seems to do patterns and songs pretty well. It’s just something to plug into the Gaia on the road and work with.

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