FlavaChordz Review Enhance your Keyboard Skillz

FlavaChords Gospel Keyboard Lessons

FlavaChords Keyboard/Piano Skills

A month ago I picked up the FlavaChordz 2 hour Gospel keyboard dvd and it’s simply awesome. The DVD is very clear, concise, and above all easily applicable to your playing right away. In fact, I think this is definitely one of the better packages out there and I highly recommend it. My only hope is that there is a follow-up to Flavachordz and that this is not just the only DVD that will be available. Jessie has a very relaxed and smooth way of taking you through each chapter. His explanations and examples are very clear and easil to understand. I particularly liked his explanations of ditones and tritones. This is a 2+ hour DVD that costs $14.99 which is a no brainer in my book. There’s something definitely in this for everyone.

Note I am no affiliate as with all the products I review. I feel like anytime you are an affiliate it’s like “of course” you’re going to give a good review. This DVD is ten times better than the Gospel Fingers download I reviewed earlier by the way for the same price. Both are different I know, but the value for you money is huge with Flavachordz.

If Jessie at Flavachordz reads this, please consider a follow-up DVD and thanks for the excellent job on this keyboard tutorial. Although it’s titled a Gospel Keyboard / Gospel Piano DVD, I think anyone interested in Piano will find something of interest in this production.

Please feel free to comment and share your opinions or experiences with the Flavachordz DVD.

Chapter 1: Finger Drills
Chapter 2: Stacked Chords
Chapter 3: Ditones
Chapter 4: Tritones
Chapter 5: Inversions w/Flat 5′s
Chapter 6: Substitutions
Chapter 7: Grace Notes
Chapter 8: Runs, Extensions, Clusters
Chapter 9: Walking Bass
Chapter 10: Preaching And Shouting Chords
Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Chords
Chapter 12: Worship Chords

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7 thoughts on “FlavaChordz Review Enhance your Keyboard Skillz

  1. Man… I wish i had known about this website.. I think i have bought every DVD thats out.. I could have used this before I bought them.. Some of them are bad.. some are great.. I could help you with this blog.. lol
    This was a aight DVD.. The reason I say that is because he “stole” the same chords from Jamal hartwells Extreme dvd.. He uses the same chords, chord progressions and even the terms that jamal made up.. Other then that the rest of the dvd was ok, not the greatest.

    • First of all thank you for the critique of the DVD. This will give me items to consider for future projects. As a professional and as a musician, I am in constant pursuit of taking my skills to the next level and teaching others to do the same. My DVD is designed for beginner through intermediate players, and in some cases the advanced player, depending on his or her skill set. As a musician having played for 25 plus years, I have been blessed to come across many gifted, talented and anointed musicians. We have ALL shared with each other techniques, and terminology. The chords that I played on my DVD and the terms and phrases used did not just come about within recent years. And while the person you mentioned seems to be doing very well, I’m pretty sure he did not coin the words and phrases that I used on my DVD. As we have all learned from various types of music, and been influenced by various types of music, those influences will come through whatever project we decide to undertake. Everyone who has done a DVD designed for contemporary gospel musicians has basically been influenced by the same genres of music: blues, jazz, traditional gospel, rhythm & blues, soul and to a degree even classical. What we call gospel music today is a fusion of all of the aforementioned styles, including the terminology and vernacular and chords. The pioneers who came before all of us (who did not have video platforms, other social media, and websites) are the ones who first stumbled upon those chords and terms that we ALL use.

  2. Wow! Good catch on the Jamal Hartwell chords. That’s funny I didn’t notice that the first time I watched it. I have all of Jamal Hartwell’s DVDs by the way as well and they are pretty good. I am shortly going to be doing a top 10 DVD post and will be including a couple of those for sure.

    FlavaChords is extremely active on Twitter by the way. He’s really into marketing stuff. By the looks of it, he’s on auto tweet with TweetDeck if correct. I have a list with him on it, but honestly I’ll probably remove FlavaChordz as honestly the tweets are of no value. Borderline spam in my book.

    Ah well, I did get a few things out of the FlavaChordz DVD but I wish I had known about the Jamal Hartwell stuff in there….LOL

    Thanks for the comment!!

    • Those who read my tweets know that I talk about Jesus (I play gospel “good news” music after all), sports (I love football—Roll Tide!), music and relationships, social responsibility, education, relationships, marriage, etc. If a person does not value those things, then they should not follow me. And of course from time to time, I’m going to tell people to check out my site at http://www.flavachordz.com.

  3. ha ha ha… lol,, I noticed that too.. He used the same chords, progressions and terms that jamal used.. and jamal said he was just making up the word ditone up and this dude took it and ran with it.. sorry flaza chordz.. you lost my vote after I saw that on the DVD.. be original man.. your taking peoples money giving them what has already been created.. NOT COOL

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