Roland Juno 6 Synthesizer in Japan

Roland Juno 6 with Case
Roland Juno 6 with Case

This week I picked up an excellent condition Roland Juno 6 for $90 bucks at a local second hand shop here in Nagano City, Japan. What a fantastic deal! The Juno 6 powered up just fine and absolutely everything worked like a charm. No problems at all! I also was able to get the case, manual, and some connection cords as well. I think somebody had this tucked away in their home for a long time and decided to sell it. I saw it sitting up on a shelf and instantly grabbed it to check out the condition. I brought some headphones and just rolled over at the price tag. I new then I was going home with a fantastic Roland Juno 6.

The sound of the Juno 6 is awesome in my opinion and it’s been a blast jamming on it for the last couple of days. I find the Juno 6 to be so much more reliable and stable than the Juno 106. Which sounds better? I think they both sound great in their own way in case anyone asks. I love the LFO trigger on the Juno 6, plus the arpeggiator is awesome as well. In fact, in my next post I’ll explain how I got it to sync with my drum machines. Indeed the Juno 6 does not have midi nor patch storage, but that is not a problem. I found a way to sync the arpeggiator and because I can play keyboards and program synths well, the patch storage is only a minor issue if at all. It’s definitely a fun machine.

Cool video found on youtube.

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