Where to buy IC Sockets Online for Voice Chips?

I am currently looking into installing IC Sockets for my Roland Juno 106 to install some new Clones. I will be testing various Voice Ships both original and in clone format. I wish to reduce the amount of soldering and desoldering of the various chips. Despite removing failing ( but working ) Voice Chips from my Juno 106, I cannot get the new Analogue Renaissance Voice Chip Clones to work. So I figured if I could install IC Sockets, I could makes tests and try some originals my friend has. I am located in Japan and wish to purchase these online somewhere but have yet to find them. Any ideas? Thanks.

Roland Juno 106 IC Sockets
Roland Juno 106 IC Sockets

UPDATE: This website came recommended for Snappable IC Sockets. There are a couple of reviews on the site as well. I’ll post the type and location where I buy mine once I get them. If anyone has any recommendations, please comment. Much appreciated.

Snappable 30 PIN SIP Socket
Snappable 30 PIN Machined-Pin IC sockets

8 thoughts on “Where to buy IC Sockets Online for Voice Chips?

  1. meatshake

    Hey Jim, dig the blog- do updates us on what you decide to do- I have a couple 106’s that I’d like to socket up… labor of love with the 106.

    Are there lots of old synths in Japan? I once found some Japanese auction sites that had so much cool gear at great prices (looking at sold items)… same with old cars there! Is that the case?

  2. With regards to Sockets, I purchased a couple of sets from an EBAY seller called are8-department-store. So far it’s been a month and I’ve yet to receive the sockets which were being sent from Thailand. I absolutely do not recommend buying any sort of DIP SIP IC socket off Ebay from Thailand, especially from an Ebay seller called are8-department-store. These guys will rip you off. Since the posting of this comment, I have sent a report to Ebay, but unfortunately Ebay is like not to do anything about it.

    The Socket I purchased is 10 X 30 Pin DIP SIP IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type PbF. I recommend buying from a US or European Seller if purchasing through Ebay. I have already put in another order because I’m pretty sure the are8-department-store Ebay seller is a scam.

    I’ll update further when I actually get some sockets in hand.


    1. Sydney

      Hi Jim,
      Any update on your socket search? Do you know what socket size is needed for the Juno-106 80017A voice chip? Would the pin spacing be 2mm (0.079 in)? Can you measure yours for me? Does the HWS11701 from http://www.phoenixent.com sound like a winner (select RECEPTACLES-SOCKETS PCB MOUNT 2MM SP)?

      2mm (.079″) Pin Spacing
      Single Row Straight
      Mates with 0.5mm Square Post
      2mm Centerline Headers
      Gold Plated Contacts
      PCB Mount Solder Tails
      Black Insulator

      Thanks for your blog!


      1. Sydney

        I just ordered a SIP interconnect SIP-40-MP at http://www.greatplainselectronics.com on faith that it will fit as they didn’t provide pin pitch specs. I’ll let you know how it works out. Their cite said to not mix gold with tin due to corrosion between dissimilar metal and I expect that the 80017A chip has tin contacts.

    1. I ended up needing the square sockets. The round didn’t work for me. Since then I have Allen from the SynthSpa install my sockets and his work perfectly. They look square to me as are the pins on the voice and wave chips. I’d definitely go square.

  3. David Piel Jr.

    I bought those round snappable ones you reccomended earlier.
    I agree that you would be better off with square, but I made the round ones work.
    I made sure all the pins were straight and just rocked the chip board back and forth til it when down it with a gritty scraping sound.
    I don’t know if I ever had a voice chip problem.
    I used to get a crackling sound and now it’s a background hum.
    Google says the VCF/VCA needs replaced. urgh.
    and I found ONE key that doesn’t play. lol.
    Good thing the lab at the hospital has 100% iso-alcohol. :-

  4. David Piel Jr.

    Opps, VCF/VCA chip means those ones I just de-epoxied.
    BTW, I soaked those puppies 4 FOUR days is acetone and while the exterior came off like a sandwich. There was a lot of hard black goop on the inside between all the pins and on some of the sides of the chips.
    One guy on YouTube, was taking a toothbrush and scrubbed it all out. Yikes. I’m not that brave.
    Those carbon tracks look faint as is!

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