Replacement Carbon Contacts for Dead Keys on Roland Juno 106

On my newly acquired Roland Juno 106, I discovered I had a dead key (E) on the lowest octave. I researched and found out how to open, remove, and clean the carbon contacts ( upper and lower ) for the dead key. When put back into order I still had the dead key problem. So I then figured the carbon contact located on the Silicon rubber had to be wiped out. So I looked around on the Internet and found a gentleman who was selling just what I needed. They were “stick on” Carbon Contacts for Silicon Rubber with Dead Keys. They were not tested on a Juno 106, but for $25 bucks a sheet I decided to pick some up for a possible fix or future use. I attached two photos of what I received in the mail last week.

Carbon Contacts Dead Keys Roland Juno 106
Carbon Contacts for Dead Keys on Roland Juno 106

I opened up the Roland Juno 106 and once again took out the dead lower E key. I gently placed a new Carbon Contact from the sheet onto the Rubber Silicon. You need to be careful when doing this as they do fly off the tweezers quite easily. It happened to me once, but luckily I found it. Then I closed up the Juno 106 and gave it a try. It didn’t work…laugh. Seriously it didn’t work at all. This means that the Carbon Contact either didn’t work ( unlikely, I’ll explain later ) or that I have now isolated the problem to the actual contact on the board below the keys. I now most likely will have to remove all of the keys, and trace the patch to the dead key to try and find a break in the connection. For now, I can live with the dead key as I don’t use it much and I can always midi up a controller with aftertouch and everything else that the Juno 106 doesn’t have.

Dead Key Carbon Contact Replacements Roland Synthesizers
Dead Key Carbon Contact Replacements on Synthesizers

I did however as a test tried putting a Carbon Contact on a key that already worked and that worked fine. The Carbon Contact from the new sheet completely covered the old contact. I am assuming that if the Carbon Contact itself didn’t work, then it would block the original causing the key to become weak or even fail. Thus I am willing to bet that if and when an actual Silicon Rubber contact fails, these new replacement Contacts should work just fine.

The Gentleman whom I purchased these from at is a great guy and very sincere. He was extremely helpful and his website has quite a bit of useful information on Synth repair. He also has replacement parts for sale. I highly recommend trying these new Carbon Contact Replacements for your dead keys provided you only have a problem with the Silicon Rubber part. If you have an issue on the board itself, then you’ll need to isolate the problem and perhaps do a bit of soldering to reconnect the dead key. I have read about this being done on the Roland Juno 106 and other synthesizers so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you are actually missing Roland Juno 106 keys and need replacements for physical broken keys, I have seen many on Ebay. However, they are often sold one at a time, so it could be expensive if you need many keys. As always, you should weight the option of buying a second used Juno 106 for spare parts instead of selectively buying parts. Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “Replacement Carbon Contacts for Dead Keys on Roland Juno 106

  1. bipul bhaskar

    hello,thanking u i do hereby asking u for a solution of my roland E36 contact board. the carbon layouts are cracked and not working for this. how to repear it, is there any thing available to repear the carbon layouts of the aforesaid contact board please?

    1. Hi there! I’m not exactly sure how one would do this, but I would probably do any of the following. First I would make there was no break in the copper tracing or line of contact on the PCB board to rule that out. I would then try to find some carbon contact from another set of keys and try adding those if possible. Something like that, but otherwise, it’s a tough one indeed.

  2. How would one open, remove, and clean the carbon contacts ( upper and lower ) for the dead key. I’ve got a G key that’s not dead but I feel the key contact might need some cleaning because when I strike the key it’s not striking consistently.

  3. Mr. Damiano Pagano

    Hi, I have a problem with the aftertouch sensor of my Roland D50 Syntetizer. I wanted to know where I can find the aftertouch spare strip.
    through aid that can give me.

  4. Was lucky enough to find a spare Roland Juno-106 keyboard contact pcb off Ebay. If I encounter any serious key contact issues related to the actual PCB board I can now swap my old one out for this fresh one. Thank goodness!

    Roland Juno 106 Key Contact PCB

  5. Hi, I’m Bob Weigel the guy who engineered the contact disk solution. Like I said on my site I’ve seen cases where the carbon gets some kind of layer of something and I have to clean it with a good solvent like high grade ethanol and it’s good to go! But I have roland keys also usually. Juno Keys I’m well stocked on now and with shipping and all it’s usually less than ebay prices.

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