Protruding Side Pins on Analogue Renaissance Clone Chips

One thing I noticed when I got my package of Analogue Renaissance Juno 106 Cone chips were the rather long protruding Side pins on one side of the chip. I remember somewhere on another forum that a user questioned the same thing about the chip. He mentioned he simply trimmed the side pins in order to make room for them to fit in his Juno 106, but he to was worried whether that was appropriate or not. I found I had the same question.

The Voice Chip does fit tightly, but there are some elements on the side that can rub or lean against the chip. Perhaps it is common knowledge among electronics experts whether this has any negative impact on installation or performance, but my wonderment was why they would be so long when it’s common knowledge the slots are narrow and a rather tight fit.

Here’s a photo of what I am talking about below. There is just enough space after careful bending of the elements to the left and slight slanting of the chip to the right. Again I’m baffled as to why those pins are left so long. I understand the leg pins on the chip are usually left long for insertion and clearance, but on the side I have no idea. Nonetheless, the gentleman on the other forum in fact trimmed the side pins and after installation everything worked just fine.

Side Pin Protruding on Analogue Renaissance Juno 106 Voice Chip
Side Pin Protruding on Analogue Renaissance Juno 106 Voice Chip

I’ll post a reference link to that forum once I find it again. Thanks!


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