Juno 106 Voice Chips Go Snap Crackle Pop!

Hi Roland Juno 106 Users,

There seems to be a ton of questions and comments concerning background static, distortion, crackling, popping, etc. on the Juno 106. Currently I have a Juno 106 with 3 dead voice chips which are 1, 5, and 6. The other three work, BUT, I am still experiencing the “extra” noise that prevents me from using this in practice, live, or in recording. I can tape down the three dead voices and the Juno 106 rocks but with background static noise.

My thinking is that one of the other three “working” chips MUST be going bad. Somebody out there in Juno 106 land must have had this exact same problem and my question is whether replacing all or the dying chips solved the background static issue. My thinking is that there are three likely scenarios. (1) A perfect working chip with no background noise and only synth sound, (2) A dying chip with background noise and quirks, or (3) a dead chip with no background noise and no synth sound. Thus dead silent.

Can anyone confirm this? Thanks very much.


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