Synthesizer Parts

This page is devoted to posting websites that stock and sell various synth parts.

Parts Connection

Vintage Planet

Synth Restore

Replacement Synthesizer Key Guide

The place that keeps your retro machine going!! I am MECH, and this is my personal shopping cart setup to help people needing reasonable deals on retro equipment. I have set this up to try and avoid the insane EBAY fee’s and hopefully pass along cheaper deals to the users. My specialty is AMIGA! but many of the SCSI items I have here will work on everything from Apple, Atari, Mac, Sun, Sgi, Texas Instruments, Trs-80, X68000 as well as your older classic samplers like Akia, E-MU, Roland, Kurzwell, Yamaha.

7 thoughts on “Synthesizer Parts

    • Hello Michael,

      I’ve tried ordering from Syntaur in the past a couple of times, but they keep coming up with parts out of stock. In all fairness, I have heard good experiences from other buyers, but I haven’t been that successful with them. If I really needed a part in the future, I likely would try again if it was the only place to purchase.

      Thanks!, Jim

      • Syntaur are pleasant to deal with – even if their website is not up to date. Just email them and ask them before buying, as you suggest. They are decent people.

  1. Jim,
    I have a SY77 and just bought a SY99 cheap. The SY99 needs a IC 101 (1 Mbit EPROM DM1) SEQ-ROM v1.2 Sequence MEMORY ROM D (XK167A00)- M5M27C201K (XJ616C00) EPROM or a blank IC 101 EPROM with the bin file written on it. Is there a Yamaha parts in Japan? I have called Yamaha parts, USA and they do not have any of these parts. I was told that Yamaha parts in Japan may have them. Any sites where pre owned synth parts are sold in Japan.



  2. Hello Jim,

    I am a keyboard player as well living in Saitama. I recently purchased a quasimidi Polymorph that I want to get up and running. Do you know of any repair / tech shops in the Tokyo area? I contact 5G, but they only repair stuff they sell. I would appreciate your advice.


  3. Hi,
    I own a Yamaha V50 since the very beginning in the 80’s, I’ve been looking to find a drive belt for the diskette drive for years now. I’ve been using elasting bands but they don’t last and usually end up slipping.

    I’d be very grateful if anyone could point me to a place where I can buy a few of these priceless items.

    Many thanks!


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