Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard Download Released

Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard

Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard

Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard and Hip-Hop Production

Today Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard and Hip-Hop Production was released in download format. I purchased my copy and am currently downloading the material. This is a release that I’ve been very much looking forward to and there is no doubt in my mind it will be fantastic. Not only is Jamal Hartwell a great instructor and producer of such Neo-Soul Keyboard instructional material, but he is very inspirational. One of the things that drives my interest in music is being connected or around other musicians who love their craft.

Anyone interested in Neo-Soul, RnB, Funk, Gospel, or just plain interested in playing a groove on the keyboard should get this DVD package. Two demo videos have already been released on Youtube. I have posted one below and just viewing that alone is evidence enough that this is the bomb folks!! Get it now while it’s on sale too until April 15th. Thanks very much Jamal for producing this great new Neo-Soul Keyboard DVD.

Features include: Live Instruction, Beat Making, MIDI files, Sheet Music, Easy Theory, Chord Charts, Free Drum Sounds, Live Band, and Overhead Keyboard

Also note that a FREE Neo-Soul MIDI Lesson is also available here.

Fundamentals of Neo-Soul: :: Learn Hip-Hop Production and Neo-Soul chords. Urban Piano

The Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard DVD is now available. It will be on sale for $39.99 until April 15th. Learn how to play the fundamentals of Neo-Soul keyboard:

1. 1.5 Hours of Neo-Soul Lessons from the Studio
2. Easy Neo-Soul Theory Lessons for Beginners
3. Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Beat Making
4. Sheet Music with Chord Charts
5. MIDI Files

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3 thoughts on “Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard Download Released

  1. Fundamentals of Neo Soul DVD Contents

    Beat Making -w- Boonie Mayfield
    1 Introduction
    2 Drum Types
    3 Sequencing Drums
    4 Basslines & Chords
    5 Beat 2 (More Drum Tips)
    6 Beat 2 (Using Sine Waves)
    7 Beat 3 – Recap and Ending

    Plus BOONIE DRUM KIT SAMPLES (11 Wav Files)

    BONUS Neo-Soul Movements!

    From Soloing Techniques
    Crazy Jazz Groove
    Minor 9 Changes
    Neo-Soul Shout
    Relative Minor in Neo-Soul
    Plus Documentation

    From Urban Phatness Gumbo
    Neo Soul Essentials
    R&B and Neo-Soul Chords
    Plus Midi Files

    From Urban Worship Xtreme
    Circle of Fifths (Remix)
    Classic Neo-Soul Movements
    Clusters In Neo Soul
    Crazy Suspended and Jazz
    Major-Minor Neo Soul
    Neo Soul Phatness (Song)
    Plus Midi Files and Theory Explanation

    Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard – Video
    1. Introduction to Neo-Soul Concepts
    2. Theory of Neo-Soul
    3. Neo-Soul Examples
    4. Major 9
    5. Major 9 and Circle
    6. Flatted Notes and R&B Style
    7. Chinese Runs and Jam Session
    8. Minor 11 and Advanced Techniques
    9. 7th Chord Circle Ending

  2. I ABSOLUTELY recommend you “MASTER” the first two chapters on this DVD.

    1. Introduction to Neo-Soul Concepts
    2. Theory of Neo-Soul

    To some it may be a review, others it will be new, or in my case it will be a clarification. Whatever level you are, it is a requirement that you get the first two sections down and be able to understand it quickly and completely. (In my humble opinion)

    Everything else is will be just icing on the cake and will make much better sense. If you don’t understand the first two sections, it will be difficult to progress.

    Note that Jamal explains this Neo-Soul stuff very well and provides some simple examples in the beginning two chapters, BUT it might still be unclear to some about what exactly Jamal is doing. I had a couple of questions myself and after careful review multiple times and consulting another book I had, I managed to put the pieces together and understand. I now GET IT PERFECTLY!

    If after reviewing the first two chapters you do not understand what he is talking about, please feel free to shoot me an email with any specific questions you may have. The key to the first two chapters is understanding the relationship between the scales, modes, and minor 9s that that are specific to Neo-Soul grooves.

    Once you get this basic Neo-Soul foundation into your head that Jamal talks about, you literally will be playing NONSTOP all day long creating all sorts of Neo-Soul songs. This stuff is incredibly easy and FUN FUN FUN, once you get your head wrapped around it.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of this DVD to get one started in Neo-Soul or to continue with whatever Neo-Soul education you may already have. Just be prepared to do some thinking with this stuff.

    Happy Neo-Soul Keyboarding!

    Now back to jamming on some minor 9s!

  3. The Beat Making videos with Boonie Mayfield are fantastic. He has some great advice about building drum grooves for Neo-Soul. I particularly liked his tips on velocity and his breakdown of the different drum type sounds that are best used for Neo-Soul. I was not expecting such quality bonus material. This actually made me hop on over to Boonie Mayfield’s Youtube channel at to check out more of this stuff.

    He also has a website at

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