HearandPlay Gospel Musicians Breakthrough

HearandPlay Gospel Musicians Breakthrough

HearandPlay Gospel Musicians Breakthrough

Coming soon is the new HearandPlay Musician Breakthrough Gospel Musicians Series DVD Release. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve heard the release will likely happen “hopefully” before the end of the year. As some may know, I am a member of the GMTC Gospel Musicians Training Center and members have a chance to listen to the latest news during the bi-weekly live training sessions. There has been some talk of the new Gospel Musicians Breakthrough DVDs and in the last session Mr. Jermaine Griggs graciously allowed us a “Sneak Preview” of some of the material.

The attached photo is a screenshot of a video that I watched and I must say I was really impressed. The material is just mind blowing and I’m definitely going to be picking this up once released. Note that I’m not an affiliate of HearandPlay at the moment, but just a fan of some of their products. Actually I’m a huge fan of the GMTC Gospel Musician Training Center which is a little different than the DVDS one can purchase. Each week I learn a couple of songs and I must say it has helped me become a much much better Gospel, Jazz, RnB, and Funk keyboardist absolutely.

Anyway, back to HearandPlay Gospel Musicians Breakthrough DVD release. While I have a lot of info about it from listening to the GMTC live training sessions and have been privy to watch a sneak preview, it’s probably not a good idea to divulge much info as I’d like to leave that up to HearandPlay. Like I said, Gospel Musicians Breakthrough should be coming out very soon. I just wanted to mention it in my blog here to give those interested in Keyboard Instructional Music a heads up that something great is on the way. Stay tuned!

UPDATE #1: I just received a link to a new website with more detailed info about the upcoming Musician Breakthrough Gospel Musicians Series. Check out GospelMusicSecrets.com and check it out! There’s a contest there too to win a free iPad! Vote for your West Coast Musician and sign up to get notified about the new release. Produced by Mr. Jermaine Griggs and Jonathan Powell. Great news!

UPDATE #2: New videos are being posted today on HearandPlay’s Youtube Channel.

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3 thoughts on “HearandPlay Gospel Musicians Breakthrough

  1. Wow! I wrote this article about “HearandPlay’s Gospel Musicians Breakthrough” over 4 months ago! Still no word on when this will be released. I’ve heard there are lots of problems. Hope this comes out sometime as it still looks like a great production.

    For those still waiting, I highly recommend picking up Jamal Hartwell’s “Fundamental’s of Neo-Soul Keyboard”. This is a fantastic DVD. http://gospelmusicians.com/

    Here’s another article I did with regards to HearandPlay’s Gospel Musicians Breakthrough.

  2. My biggest question is why did Hearandplay only produce 1000 copies of Musician’s Breakthrough when thousands of people they claim are interested in the product? Plus the delay has been months. It doesn’t give people much hope. Strange.


    I just heard on the GMTC Live Training Call that the new upcoming Musician’s Breakthrough will be available online via GMTC. You will be able to use Loyalty Points to unlock Musicians Breakthrough! This is awesome! Geez, with thousands of listeners interested in this product, I was wondering how they were going to accommodate everyone. When I heard they were only pressing 1000 sets, I thought that surely wouldn’t be enough. I see Hearandplay has thought this one out. Well done!!

    Thanks so much HearandPlay!

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