Fender Rhodes Best Sounds and Samples

Fender Rhodes 1971 Suitcase Piano

Fender Rhodes 1971 Suitcase Piano

I have always been a huge fan of the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano Sound. I love listening to some of the great artists like George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Bob James, Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith, Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis, Joe Sample, The Crusaders and one of my favorites Eumir Deodato jam on the Rhodes Piano. It’s simply breathtaking and inspiring.

There are plenty of great hardware and software Rhodes Emulations out there from the Yamaha Motif Series, Nord Electros, Kurweil, Korg SV-1, to the Roland classic Vintage Keys expansion cards. Scarbee, Lounge Lizard, and Mr. Ray are a few of the top Software choices emulating the popular Fender Rhodes sound.

So what are some of the top Fender Rhodes Sounds and Samples? Well as of writing this post there are a load of Rhodes Sample choices out on the market. I have narrowed down a few that are popular, plus a brand new one released this week for the Yamaha Motif Series Keyboards.

1. Neo-Soul Fender Rhodes Sounds and Samples – by Jamal Hartwell from Gospelmusicians

2. Fender Rhodes Suitcase Premiere – RHODES Premier Japan

3. Dusty Electric MkII by Precision Sound

4. Real Rhodes by Pyramid Sound Productions

5. 1977 Mark I Rhodes Stage Piano by Learjeff’s Soundfonts

6. Scarbee R.S.P. ’73 – RSP 73 is the most comprehensively sampled Rhodes piano on earth.

7. E-PIAN by Acoustic Samples – a Classic 73 Keys Electric piano from 1972 recorded

8. Tubed Keys Mk I 73 by SampleTekk – The Rhodes challenger! Sampled using a Fender Twin (c) amp.

Here is a video of Jamal Hartwell’s new Neo-Soul Fender Rhodes Sounds and Samples for your Yamaha Motif ES/XS/XF.

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2 thoughts on “Fender Rhodes Best Sounds and Samples

  1. Here’s the list of patches for the Neo-Soul Rhodes Sample Set. I just bought it today and it’s fabulous!! There are 16 voices.

    00 Neo-Rhodez
    01 Neo-Rhode2
    02 Rodez+Tine
    03 ReversRDZ
    04 ChorusRodz
    05 RealRhodes
    06 ChorusRDZ2
    07 daRoots MW
    08 JDillaRodz
    09 PsykaDelik
    10 Rhodez&Pad
    11 PHAT Stixx
    12 WurliRemix
    13 WurliRemx2
    14 Smooth R&B
    15 Dynomyte

  2. Just bought the following from Precision Sounds. I’m looking forward to converting these and programming them into the Motif ES and Fantom XR along with the GospelMusicians Samples. Should have plenty of great sounds now!

    Dusty Electric MkII V2 – Fender Rhodes Mk II 73 Stage Piano
    Funky Electric P200 V2 – Wurlitzer A200 Electric Piano
    P20 – Vintage Digital – Roland MKS-20 8 Presets

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